Give Me the Prognosis

Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?


From The Daily Post


As painful and shocking as it may be, I want honesty and full disclosure. 

For the past few days, my mother has been in the hospital for a life-threatening condition, and all I want is to know exactly what those doctors and nurses know. I want to know if her vitals are ok, what tests are being run, what medication she’s being given, what will be performed later on, the general prognosis, and the cause of all this heartbreaking turmoil. If you aren’t too familiar with Multiple Sclerosis, I can tell you that it is one son-of-a-bitch disease. As my uncle so forthrightly said, “She was dealt a shitty hand of cards”.

And for all the honest medical information I’ve been given thus far, I’ve to thank all doctors and medical professionals out there. 




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